Bazi Career

Feng Shui – BaZi career profile

Bazi CareerAre you wondering about the best career that will approach you to self confident and good wealth in your live? Choosing the proper career is important factor when it comes to the wealth. It is not enough to have Wealth element presence in BaZi chart. It just tells you that you will have money. The correctly chosen [bazi] career can leverage your wealth capacity.

Reading this article you can identify how to choose the right career using BaZi career advisor

 Although there are many ways, a quick and accurate method is using the Favorable Element.
From your Favorable element, it is simple to establish the relevant career that you could excel.

Based on BaZi study, a person choosing a career that is unfavorable to that BaZi can cause significant disadvantage in a person’s live.

Here’s a brief summary of Bazi careers based on the Five Elements.

Your BaZi career profile – Industry Mapping

Bazi career for Fire element 

  • Health and Beauty: Doctor, nurses, beauticians, pharmacists, all related to external wellness.
  • Services: Sales Representatives, counter services, clerical and mostly white-collars jobs 
  • Airlines and the related industry: Pilot, air hostess, warden, fire-men, fire-fighters and all job related to Fire
    Computer and electronic related jobs

 Bazi career for Water element

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Courier and postal services
  • Tourism
  • Scientist and Inventors
  • Navy
  • Industries related to fish and water

Bazi career for Earth element

  • Property & Real Estates related jobs
  • Building materials related jobs
  • Antiques & Art dealers
  • Doctors & Medium
  • Insurance related jobs

Bazi career for Metal element

  • Armed Force
  • Police Force
  • Lawyers & its related services
  • Goldsmith & its related services

 Bazi career for Wood element

  • Educators, Trainers and Motivators
  • Timber and its related jobs
  • Furniture maker and dealers
  • Fashion and Designers

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